The town of Castel Mola

Tourism in Castel Mola

The path of "Porta del Saraceno"

0nce there where many phats (trazzere) that by step terraces and isolate districts, connected Castel Mola to Taormina. One of this trazzere is storically essential also for the Castelmola carriage road.

On the right side a rocky shows us the archeaelogical site of Mola's Cocolonazzo a very old necropolis (grotticella artificiale) of the XVII century B.C. which is really important to know archaic living settlements before the Greek colonisation.

In the distance you can appreciate the beautiful Taorminal's castle in its rectangular shape, certainly built where once was situated the village of the necropolis.

Photo © A.A.P.I.T. Messina 

The particular of Castel Mola

Going up we can admire the rest of the old entrance of the city of Myle that nowadays is callad Porta dei Saraceni. It takes the name from the bloody piratic invasions.

On this way we can contemplate the traditional farmers' houses built in two levels.

It's a path by the passage of donkeys through unspoiled field, also known as Piana delle Ficarre whose name takes origins from the prickly pears.

In spring the path is blossoming of almond trees, brooms and wild flowers that give strong emotions with their colours and fragances.

In front of the mount Etna, the Alcantara velley under the ionian coast. Holding on this way you can find the rests of a second medieval door overcome by a niche which seems a religious kiosk. If you get over the rest of the ancient access to the city on the right, through high prickly pears you can find the small Church of San Biagio constituted only by a nave, with paintings on the apse, built under the rocky wall.

Photo © Walter Lo Cascio
 The Church of San Giorgio

The Church of San Giorgio (St. George)

The Church of San Giorgio was built in the XVII century. It shows a bell-tower included in the building and it ends with four pyramidal pinnacles with angular vertexes.

The plan shows the peculiarity of having a nave orthogonally inserted on the right side of the main nave.

Inside it keeps numerous works of art among which two canvases of the XVII century, that of Madonna del Rosario con i Santi Domenicani e Francescani (Our Lady of Rosary together with Domenican and Franciscan Saints) and that of the Padre Eterno e Immacolata (The Eternal and Immaculate).

Very beautiful is also the wooden XVIIIth-century statue of Immaculate.

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