The town of Condrò

Tourism in Condrò

The Cathedral Church

Consecrated to Saint Maria of the Tindari, the Church was built in the second half of sixteenth century (1571).

To the outside the structure is simple and severe, with valuable doors going back to late the 1500's on the front and the left side of the building.

There are three naves and the church still keeps most of the original furnitures.

They consist of some valuable putties and the wooden vestments constituted from the chorus, the pulpit and the ceiling in lacunars of the sixteenth century, with a niche containing a statue of Our Lady.

In direction of the apse can be admired a golden wooden ancon in baroque style, the ancient statue of Our Lady of the Tindari and Gotic incensory dating back to the sixteenth century.

Outside view of the Church
Photo © A.A.P.I.T. Messina
Interior view of the Church
Photo © A.A.P.I.T. Messina

To the first altar of the right nave, finally, worthy of particular attention is an elegant seventeenth-century oval in polychromatic ceramis representing Our Lady with Infant Jesus a statue of Saint Anna and an artistic wooden crucified Christ.

At the second altar of the left nave of great artistic interest is a statue representing Saint Francesco of the Paola, realized in polychromatic ceramic and a statue of the Our Lady.

Within the Church there are also some paintings of unknown authors of the seventeenth century and a statue of Saint Vito, patron of the town.

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