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Panoramic view of Ficarra
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Ficarra (Zip Code 98062) is 245 km. distant from Agrigento, 199 km. from Caltanissetta, 142 km. from Catania, 158 km. from Enna, 102 km. from Messina, which province it belongs to, 171 km. from Palermo, 246 km. from Ragusa, 200 km. from Siracusa, 270 km. from Trapani.

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A particular view of Ficarra

The municipality has 1.936 inhabitants and an area of 1.862 hectares for a density of population of 104 inhabitants per square kilometre. It rises on hilly area along the coast and is 450 metres above sea-level.

The Town Hall is placed in piazza Municipio, tel. ++39 0941-582666 fax. ++39 0941-582037. E-mail address is:

Main economic activities are agriculture and handicraft. Products mostly cultivated are citrus fruit, olives, hazel nuts and grapes.Typical are handmade embroideries and wicker, wood and stone handicrafts.

The name of the very little town derives from Sicilian Ficara, that is field of figs. About it there are not many historic information but we know that the town centre was probably founded by Arabs in the IX century.

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The Monastery of the Friars Minors

In the course of the centuries the village has belonged to many feudatoriesto Scalettas in Swabian period, to Ruggero di Lauria, to Corrado Lancia, to Perrucchios and again to Lancias who in 1656 gained the title of Marquise. In 1737 it became a possession of Pietro di Napoli, Prince of Resuttano and the following year it was of Vincenzo Abate, Marquise of Longarino.

The most interesting monuments are the Cathedral Church, the Sanctuary of SS. Annunziata, the little church of the Badia, the ruins of the Medieval Castle and the Convento dei cento archi (Convent of hundred arches) now under repair.

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