The town of Furnari

Tourism in Furnari

The Tower

The town of Furnari, founded in the XIV century, keeps on its territories an imposing Tower. The building raises on the coast, in a large plane with bright colours which faces on the beach.

The building got very strategical importance under superintendence of the prince of Furnari. It was deputed to defence of territory, strongly armed and garrisoned by a contingent of soldiers formed by units drilled to face any situation however unexpected.

From official documents of archives it is known that the tower, in April 1597, was still in the building phase. In 1810 it was gravely damaged by a n overflowing caused by torrential rains and for this some large amounts of money were asked to repair it.

The building got a square base whose side was about 16 metres. Now there are ruins of the structure and among its breaches it is possible to imagine the imposing shapes of the ancient tower. Walls very thick were made of great stones without a definite shape; corners were made of square stone blocks; the strip, in a curved relief, which on the external wall of the tower it showed the borders between a floor and another which was of tuff; the arches and the vaults contributed in a decisive way to make the whole building assumed its majestic aspect.

The tower, intact till before the World War II, has been reduced in the present state by air bombing.

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