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The Gorges of Alcantara

The Gorges of Alcantara originate many times ago, by the eruption, of the crater Mojo in the north of Etna, of enormous quantity of lava which flowed till to the sea.

The course of the lava river is followed by a water-course which opens a road freeing two high walls of basalt characterized by fashinating prismatic shapes.

The names of the river and of the valley originate in the period of Arab domination,Al Qantarah, and it refers to arched bridge built by Romans and able to resist overfloowing flood of the river.

Photo © Affinità Elettive 

The Gorges of Alcantara

The Gole can be visited when water of the river is low. Boots and salopette are outfits need to avoid to dip in the ever colder waters.

From May to September is the best period to move in the river, the rest of the year it is possible only to arrive at the Gole.

Going down into river-bed, it is possible to see the mouth of a magnificent cavity which the Alcantara has escaved into lava.

The Gola, few metres large but over 20 metres deep, is awful and wild.

The Gorges of Alcantara
Photo © Affinità Elettive
The Gorges of Alcantara
Photo © Affinità Elettive

The lower entry shows two walls, black structures which raise opposite each other and run each other to the sky.

The chromate contrasts are very strong the black of the rock, the blu of sky and the green of the water.

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