The town of Galati Mamertino

Local products from Galati Mamertino

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La Trinacria The ancient tastes

The natural environment of Galati Mamertino is the typical one of the landscapes of the Nebrodi: forests of oaks and beechs, paths that scramble up between cliffs, cultivations of fruit trees that punctuate the valleys from the sweet shapes.

Here the ancient tastes, characteristic of the peasant culture can be tasted again, those that succeeded to create our grandfathers and of which we know only from the pleasant speeches of the old people.

The evergreen olive-trees are visible in the beautiful and fertile lands, with their lanceolate leaves silver coloured in the inferior side, from whose coppers hang the fruits that cheer the tables of the inhabitants of Galati Mamertino and that produce the best oil to use in seasoning but that can also enrich, for its optimal taste, the bread just went out of the bakery.

Remarkable, for quality and amount, it is the cultivation of grapes, which fascinates with its knotted coppers, the leaves slaps and the grape bunches , good to eat but also for the wine. In spring the air is perfumed of the flavour of the flowers and the colored strawberries, the figs, the round apples. In the forests can be found the delicious chestnut mushrooms along with their unsurpassable taste.

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