The town of Gallodoro

Tourism in Gallodoro

The Church of Santa Maria dell'Assunta (Our Lady received into Heaven)

Gallodoro rises 40 km. from Messina and is surrounding by beautiful hills which look out on the Ionian coast. The name derives from Vallis Aurea(Golden Valley). In the past there were in these territories some rich gold and silver mines. Later the name changed into Gallodoro since the symbol of this town was a cock.

The centre gets a beautiful Church of Santa Maria dell'Assunta which keeps inside some true works of art. The Crocifissione di Gesù, (Christ's Crucifixion), a work of the XVI century, it shows in the middle part Christ crucified and on his sides the two robbers; in the lower part there is Our Lady who cries, John turned to Christ and Roman soldiers who keep on inveighing against Jesus Christ; still more lower there is a skull, symbol of sin defeated by Christ's resurrection.
In the picture, light and bright, red, green, pink, blue and white colours mix themselves and give a simple and soft image to the whole work even in the emotive intensity expressed by the scene.

Photo © Municipality of Gallodoro
A particular of Gallodoro

In the picture whose title is the Transito di San Giuseppe (St. Joseph's transit) there are St. Joseph laid down in Jesus Christ' arms, Our Lady in contemplation and God who sheds His light by a snow-white dove. On the background Angels get a flower garland while they are presenting at the main scene.
The most evident colours of the canvas are blu of cloaks and pale red of Christ's dress. A considerable effect results from play of light and shade proposed by the author.

The Dormizione e Assunzione di Maria Vergine, dating back to the XVII century, is divided in two main parts the lower shows the Virgin Mary while is sleeping, surrounded and watched over by Apostles; in the upper part it is represented the incoronation into Heaven of Our Lady, accompained by chorus of glorious Angels, while Jesus lays the crown, lighted by the Holy Spirit, on his mother's head.

The scene is dominated by yellow, red, white colours of intense vividity which seem to give vitality and naturalness to the shapes.

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