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False skinny or braciolone


A steak round about eight inches in diameter and weighing g. About 500, well leveled, 2 boiled eggs, fresh cheese gr. 100, salami (or even better, bacon or sausage) gr. 50 grated cheese (or Parmesan) gr. 50, raisins and pine nuts gr. 50 gr breadcrumbs. 20, half an onion, suet gr. 100, extract gr. 200, half a glass of red wine.

False skinny or braciolone  


Arrange the steak well esplanade on the marble top and flatten it slightly, taking care not to tear it, if it seems too thick.

Grease it with a bit of pork fat and pour over the bread crumbs mixed with grated cheese and raisins and pine nuts, sliced hard-boiled eggs, salami and cheese into small pieces, salt and pepper.

Roll the meat in on itself, making sure that the dressing remains well inside. Tied with string, first in the sense of the length and then by tightening at the short end, and giving the braciolone a uniform.

Saute over high heat in lard, then remove the false lean and in the same pan, fry the onion and dissolve the extract, with the addition of a few sips of warm water until it is reduced in cream.

Pour the wine, put the meat in a pan, cover half of water and simmer over low heat for about an hour and a half.

Freshly baked, remove from the pan and let it cool braciolone completely before cutting into slices not too thin.

Arrange the slices in a dish (no more warm them not to waste them) and pour over the hot sauce before serving.

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