The town of Librizzi

Tourism in Librizzi

Walking along the town streets

About 90 km. from Messina, on the northern mount Nebrodi, rises Librizzi.

The village is placed on a luxuriant hill refined by the vine, olive and cereal growings and looks from the splendid coast the mountain ground which rises from the clear sea and the intended outlines of the Eolie isles, the beautiful lands dotted with the green vegetation, by the volcanoes and by beaches which bead Tyrrhenian sea.

Photo © Municipality of Librizzi 

A panoramic view of Librizzi

Librizzi was founded in 1392 round an ancient guard-tower, which has been very important in the past for its strategic position since from high of it it was possible to observe the whole coast and so to give a timely alarm signal in case of incursions of foreign and enemy populations.

The village gets its centre into piazza Catena, where are placed the municipal administration, that is the beautiful Town Hall, and the Church of Santa Maria della Catena which dominates from high the whole village.

The Cathedral Church is very important from artistic point of view. Among the elegant furnishings and the precious decorations of the inside, it keeps the Madonna della Catena, a marvellous gigantic statue.

Photo © Municipality of Librizzi 

Statua della Madonna della Catena

The sculpture, with a solemn aspect, represents a Virgin Mary elegant in her carriage and with very graceful contours able to provoke intense emotions.

Splendid landscape, made by mountains full of woods of oak trees and by the Eolie isles, spectacular manifestations of nature with imposing volcanoes which raise from the sea, the good-nature and the kindly of local people this is Librizzi.

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