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Atlante dei beni Etno-Antropologici eoliani Atlante dei beni Etno-Antropologici eoliani

Author: AA.VV. (Sergio Todesco)
Pages: 599.
Italian text with black and white pictures.
Price: L. 95.000 (Euro 49,06)
Publication date: 1995.
ISBN 88-7820-098-0

EDAS Editrice

The Atlas of Aeolian Etno-Antropologic Assets is a work of great breath, made after a cataloguing job of the assets of the traditional culture made by the Soprintendenza of Messina in all the Aeolian archipelago lasted more than four years.

In the volume are presente the data emerged from the cataloguing campaign. They have been dealt scientifically and given back therefore to the Aeolian communities that expressed them.

The more than 3,000 assets taken a census that constitutes an almost exaustive overview of the material and territorial patrimony that the Aeolian traditional culture has made and conserved in last the two centuries.


Eolie - Affinità Elettive Publisher Eolie
Pearls of Mediterranean Sea

Italian text with pictures.
Also available in English, French, German.
Pages: 142.
Price: L. 18.000 (Euro 9,30)
Publication date: april 2000.
ISBN 88 8405 006 5

Affinità Elettive Publisher

"The Aeolian islands derive their name from Eolo, king of the winds, that here, according to Omero, had its reign.
Islands full of surprise and contrasts. Who today approaches to these islands, by ship or hydrofoil, cannot make less than to be overwhelmed from the gorgeous landscape and desire to explore it.

Wandering islands: during the millenia, the eruptions have more times modified the dimensions as well as the aspect of these islands.

The coasts and the sea depths are wondering but also to the interior of the islands is rich of fascination: great and always active volcanos, bizzarre rocks, the wild vegetation in Salina, prehistorical villages in Lipari, Panarea and Filicudi whit their archaeological treasures that the sea has biven back and are now conserved in the Archaeological Museum of Lipari.

Islands of wind and sun that have forged the character and the identity of the inhabitants. In spite of the hardness of the history and of the changes imposed by the modern way of living, their identity survived along with their customs and traditions.

The Aeolians are kind and friendly people and they will give you a warm welcome. Travel over again, therefore, from a island to the other an ancient route in the limpid waters of this legendary sea."

The authors collected in this volume the genuine soul of this splendid location, along with beautifulst pictures and a lot of useful information such as timetables, lodges, restaurants, stores and a calendar for events covering each month of the year.

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