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The province of Messina


Cliffs of Malfa
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Malfa Malfa (Zip Code 98050) is a commune that stands out in the isle of Salina which belongs to archipelago of Eolie isles and administratively it is part of province of Messina.

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The municipality has 867 inhabitants and an area of 889 hectares for a population density of 98 inhabitants per square kilometre. It rises on hilly inland area and is 90 metres above sea-level.

The Town Hall is placed in piazza Municipio, tel. ++39 090-9844008 fax. +39 090-9844152.

Main economic activities are agriculture, tourism and fishing . Products mostly cultivated are capers, olives, raisin. Important are also wide vineyards and from them it is produced the well-known local wine Malvasia.

Malfa derived its name from Amalfi. In the XII century some families established in the isle of Salina in the same place where Malfa is placed. Some archaeological finds which date back to Bronze age testify the ancient origins of centre. At first the village shared the same historical events of Lipari isle. For different centuries from the XVII century it has belonged to feudatory Galletti and was part of the territory of Castanea. Later it has been small village of Salina till 1909 and then it became an independent commune.

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The most interesting monuments are "Montagne delle Felci" (Mountains of the Ferns) "dei Porri" (Leeks) of Salina isle but above all the wonderful beaches and bays.