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Gattò rice


Risotto rice gr. 400, a broth of meat or nuts, egg yolks 3:02, minced veal gr. 400 gr grated Parmesan cheese. 100 gr grated cheese. 50, primosale gr. 200 gr peas. 200 net, half an onion, butter gr. 50, extract gr. 100 gr lard. 50, salt, pepper, half a glass of red wine.

Gattò rice  


Cooking rice in risotto, adding little by little the cooking broth. When ready pour an egg and two egg yolks and stir well so as not to thicken the egg.

Season with parmesan cheese and cheese, butter, and let cool. Take the meantime fry in a pan with the onion grated suet and the extract. Add the chopped, pour the wine, pour the peas in a pan and cook for about twenty minutes.

Rice lined the bottom and sides of a well greased baking dish and sprinkle with breadcrumbs, filled with meat and slices of primosale.

Close the gattò with another leaf of rice and before moving on to a hot oven for about thirty minutes, cover with breadcrumbs and pour over the other two beaten eggs.

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