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Messina com'era oggi Messina com'era oggi
Topografia ed immagini della sua storia

Author: Silvio A.P. Catalioto
Pages: 300.
Italian text with pictures.
Price: L. 85.000 (Euro 43,90)
Publication date: November 1991
ISBN 88-7820-055-7

EDAS Editrice

The foundation of Messina occurred in very remote age, to the time of the Greek colonization. The town, due to its natural harbor, became very soon the Queen of the Strait and the unopposed ruler of the traffics that were developing in that sea.

The present work wants to be an attempt, a successfull one by the truth, to go back backwards of the time, through a bridge made of images and testimonies, to the past of the city, a useful contribution to overcome a deep furrow that divides its historical heritage, still alive and fresh, from the current one not always thrilling and vital.

The wish of the author traspares from the same title that implicitly expresses the engagement to show not just the glorious and flourishing past of the city, but also the most serious damage suffered from the entire community for how much has been definitely lost.

The author is nor a " laudator temporis acti " neither moved from a municipal pride, hence he avoids hagiographic, fabulous and rhetorical phrases and assumes the calm and quiet approach of a public notary which enumerates, describes and transcribes.

The numerous illustrations are complementary to the text and offer us a wide panoramic of the ancient Messina and of how much of it still remains today.

Il centro storico di Messina Il centro storico di Messina
Strutture urbane e patrimonio artistico

Author: Franco Chillemi
Pages: 415.
Italian text with pictures.
Price: L. 75.000 (Euro 38,73)
Publication date: 1990.
ISBN 88-7820-143-X

EDAS Editrice

The volume, richly illustrated with current and ancient photographies, offers a complete one and up to date reconstruction of the historical center of Messina in the particular situation in which it is due to the repeated destructions occurred in the course of the 1900's.

The same concept of " historical center " has to be recovered for a city that, because of the radicals and recent reconstructions, has been defined a new city with insufficient ties with its millennial past. The author in detail reconstructs the history of the city from the first prehistorical installations up to the reconstruction occurred after the heartquake of 1908.

The exploration of the city fortifications concludes the volume, with particular reference to the fifteenth century town-walls and the fortresses built up along its perimeter during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

I borghi di Messina I borghi di Messina
Strutture urbane e patrimonio artistico

Authors: Franco Chillemi
Pages: 152.
Italian text with pictures.
Price: L. 35.000 (Euro 18,07)
Publication date: March 1994.

EDAS Editrice

The Author lead this research starting from the historical-literary sources and through a direct recognition, with the passion of an archaeologist, of the sometimes only fragmentary rests of a past that, even if often emphasized, can be defined for sure important for the peculiar characteristics of the city, crossroad in the middle of the Mediterranean and point of encounter between various civilizations.

By means of the not easy method of the ideal insertion in the temporal and space context along with the connection and the comparison with artistic manufacts and other cultural assets saved and guarded after the destruction and reconstruction occurred during several ages.

In such a way, following the ideal route traced by the Author the survived testimonies, are they isolated buildings or just rests, dispersed or hidden between the new constructions, they will gain back the power to speak to sensitive minds, telling the daily way of life, simple or gorgeous, but always to human measure of the grandfathers and inviting to recover values too along forgotten.

I casali di Messina I casali di Messina
Strutture urbane e patrimonio artistico

Author: Franco Chillemi
Pages: 472.
Italian text with pictures.
Price: L. 85.000 (Euro 43,90)
Publication date: 1996.
ISBN 88-7820-105-7

EDAS Editrice

In our times, fatally, the demographic increment of the city forces the inhabitants to return in those spaces that once a time constituted the extracity zones, anciently localized outside of the city walls.

Also Messina, due to the increased demand of houses, gives back today to its old and glorious country houses,a crown between the necks and the peloritane valleys ploughedb by rivers, great part of the population that, along with that one coming from the Calabria, flowed into the city afterf the catastrophic earthquake of 28 December 1908.

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