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Mess of substance


Broken chicken, chicken entrails, veal and meat sauce, sugar, cinnamon, cloves.

Mess of substance  


Broken poultry and put in the pan, fry it with a little bit of chives, and you pull a bit of tomato sauce or with very little, and if it is not the time, a bit of extract.

Well cooked and the sauce almost entirely consumed, unpack the poultry and spolpi carefully, then ground to ground will put you in the soft dough that will be prepared in the pan.

Once done, sprinkle in each soil nonnate eggs, small pieces of bone and wic, chicken livers and all the ntragnosi the hen and also pieces of cooked cow meat sauce and cut into tiny pieces.

Each floor also sprinkle it with very little sugar, cinnamon, clove, spices and a pinch of salt. As the soils are over and there is very little sauce, you will put a tomato sauce without oil, with only sugar.

Indi will put the lid of the soft paste, which will always be bigger than the pasta below. How it will all be covered, you will anoint Volume I return with an egg yolk and you will be a very hot oven for bread, for about half an hour.

The eggs nonnate are those that are found in the giblets of chickens, or as he calls entragnosi the unknown author of the recipe. The soft dough is certainly a pastry crust, because the pastry dessert was reserved for the macaroni.

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