The town of Montagnareale

Tourism in Montagnareale

Walking along the town streets

Eighty kilometres from Messina, on the northern mounts Nebrodi, on the left bank of the broad stream of Sant'Angelo di Brolo, rises Montagnareale.

The territory, peculiar of the Nebrodi Park, gets coloured olive, vine, cereal, citrus-fruit and chestnut growings. The environment and the landscape get the ancient taste giving modern man very good conditions of living.

Green and quiet are the underground of excessive serenity and good nature of local people who live in an area which did not yet undergo wild aggressions of the cement.

Into woods, among secular trees, the silence is undisputed and sometimes it is broken by warbling of birds and by call of some grazing animal.

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Festival of the chestnut

Montagnesi (inhabitants of Montagnareale) meet in occasion of patronal celebrations: the feast of St. Anthony which is kept on 17 January; the feast of Assunta (Virgin Mary received into Heaven) kept on 15 August and the charactestic festival of the chestnut which revives the town streets every year on 25 October.

Places of cultural identity are the Town-hall and the Cathedral Church, with soft shapes, where are celebrated religious functions.

Manifest is the richness of the village blends together art, ancient folklore visible in the village's feasts, town-planning's simplicity, genuineness of natural sceneries and of land's products.

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