The town of Montalbano Elicona

Tourism in Montalbano Elicona

The Castle

The Architectonic historical element more important of the Montalbano Elicona is the great castle. It dominates the medieval city.

Built up on preexistence bizantine and Arabs, the castle is constituted from the Norman-Swabian fort and from the palatium builted Swabian-Aragonese.

In the advanced part, a rectangular fortress, is close to the extremity from two towers, one to square plant and the other to pentagonal plant.

Photo © A.A.P.I.T. Messina 

View of castle

It is surrounded by Medieval alleys, which getting entangled in continous ups and downs create a very suggestive atmosphere.

The battlemented outside wall, date back to the Swabian period, was the defensive shape "a saettiere". It is the more important and the best conserved in Sicily.

The more important element of the castle is the "cappella reale" (chapel royal) characterized from three apses.

Photo © A.A.P.I.T. Messina 

Particular of Castle

In the opinion of historical information to the inside of chapel royal would be buried Arnaldo da Villanova, the most important people of the time, doctor, alchemist and religious reformer, he died in 1310.

Inside there is a large curtyard, in the middle there is a chapel with traces of frescoes.

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