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Limone Interdonato Limone Interdonato (Interdonato Lemon)

The history of the Interdonato lemon is tied with the life of the Colonel John Garibaldi Interdonato, who was born in Nizza di Sicilia and was also the Mayor of the same town. It was the Colonel John Garibaldi Interdonato that decided to cultivate a particula variety of the Siiclian lemons so to spread the knowledge of the same and its value.

The Interdonato lemon is an hybrid obtained from the citron and the "ariddaru", a very local lemon.

Thus Interdonato lemon has the typical medium-large size of the citrons, a delicate flavor and a little sour taste, with a fine-grained peel, uncommon in the Sicilian lemons, this last factor was called "fruit up." The rind is very sweet.

Very soon the valleys of the Nisi river were covered with these lemons.

Limone Interdonato

Already mature at the end of September for a month or so is the only fresh lemon available on the market. Up to the second world war the main market for the Interdonato lemon was England. The English people greatly appreciated this lemon for tea due to its sweetness and its little intrusive flavour.

The specific feature of the Interdonato lemon is its early maturation, from September to December, which allows its placement in a period of high market demand of fresh lemons.

It is excellent in salads with oil, vinegar and salt or sugar.

To protect the uniqueness and the identity of the Interdonato lemon, accordingly to the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certification, on July, 25 2002 was established in the town of Nizza di Sicilia the Consortium of The "Interdonato" Lemon of Sicily.

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