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The Roman Villa

The Roman Villa has been recently descovered and it dates back to Imperial age and its area is not inferior to 20000 square metres.

The structure is made up round a immense peristyle with a large portico with columns and on it open some rooms which are arranged on the four sides.

Among these the most important is the great sala triabsidata, which still shows a mosaic with geometrical motifs and with representations of domestic and wild animals. It dominates all the southern side of the portico which is jointed to it by a big arch of which still remain the piers.

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The Roman Villa

The other rooms get floorings generally made up of coloured mosaics with geometrical motifs still in a good state.

The most beautiful mosaic is that of the flooring of the room with three recesses: of this it is above all appreciated the middle part in which appears a scheme said at circles and at almonds, with geomtrical motifs which circumscribe octagns representing domestic animals and wild beasts in different attitude.

The second nucleus, on the eastern side of the villa, is characterized by the presence of thermae, formed by basins and floorings with suspensurae, praefurarium.

The villa was destroyed by a terrible earthquake about the second half of the IV century A.D.. Later it has continued to live in the villa even if into a smaller area.

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