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Reitano (Zip Code 98070) is 167 km. distant from Agrigento, 128 km. from Caltanissetta, 148 km. from Catania, 88 km. from Enna, 157 km. from Messina, which province it belongs to, 113 km. from Palermo, 233 km. from Ragusa, 206 km. from Siracusa, 212 km. from Trapani.

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Mother Church

The municipality has 980 inhabitants and an area of 1.393 hectares for a population density of 70 inhabitants per square kilometre. It rises along the coast on a hilly area and is 396 metres above sea-level.

The Town Hall is placed in via S. Pietro n. 5, tel. ++39 921 338002 fax. ++39 921 338054 toll free number 800473222 (only for Italian residents).

E-mail address is:

Reitano is prevalently an agricultural centre. Products mostly cultivated are citrus fruit, cereals, wine-grapes, olives.

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The name of the village derives from Calabrian Reggitano later changed into current Reitano.

There are not many information about origins of the centre but it was conquered by Aragoneses and in the same period it was feud of Antiochia family.

Later it became possession of earl Gagliano Sancio Ruis de Lihori.

Then it has belonged to Mistretta's territory until 1638 and has shared its historical events.

After such date it became property of Francesco Romano Colonna.

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San Sebastiano Fountain

The most interesting monuments are the old church of Carmine altered in `600 which has a rich portal; the Cathedral Church that has its inside a beautiful marble statue which represents Madonna col Bambino. Besides it is very interesting to visit Nebrodi Park.

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