The town of Rodì Milici

Tourism in Rodì Milici

The Carnival of the Months of the Year

Rodì Milici seems to derived its name by the inhabitants of the Greek isle of Rodi who were in Sicily by the Knights of St. John Gerosolomitano, who lived in Rodi and got Milicis territory.

Among so many ceremonials which occurs in the province of Messina surely is very important that one of The Carnival of the Months of the Year of Rodì, a so-called structured carnival with a very well fixed representative form.

The performance was introduced in the village by the poet Don Peppe in 1880, according to the model of a similar carnival kept in the province of Catania.

Photo © A.A.P.I.T. Messina 

The Carnival in Rodì Milici

In the performance there is a script where are written the roles that each character has to perform. The cerimonial, which has as protagonists the Months, the King, the Poet and the Middle-class person, takes place in the first hours of Sunday and of the following Shrove Tuesday.

The Months, dressed up with poor but very fashinating costumes, get to the square on some harnessed horses accompained by thier orderlies.

Once they arrive in the square, in firm tone and in turn, they ask the King the crown and the power in exchange for the welfare given to the community. At this point the Poet, saying a customary formula, performs its task of settling down the dispute. Then the King invites the procession of the Months to dance.

The cerimony ends with the Middle-class persons intervention who explains with order and in details the feats of the King, exalting his historic and allegoric role.

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