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View of Rometta
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Rometta (Zip Code 98043) is 317 km. distant from Agrigento, 250 km. from Caltanissetta, 132 km. from Catania, 209 km. from Enna, 39 km. from Messina, which province it belongs to, 242 km. from Palermo, 236 km. from Ragusa, 190 km. from Siracusa, 341 km. from Trapani.

The municipality has 6.433 inhabitants and an area of 3.250 hectares for a population density of 198 inhabitants for square kilometre. It rises on mountainous area along the coast and is 560 metres above sea-level.

The Town Hall is placed in via Rocche n. 22, tel. ++39 090-9924585 fax. ++39 090-9924582.

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Gate Milazzo

Main economic activities are agriculture and breeding. Products mostly cultivated are cereals, wine-grapes, olives, fruit. dairying products typical of this place are also very good. Breedings present are cattle, pig and sheep ones.

Rometta derives its name from Arabic Rameth (fortified walls) changed in Rametta and soon after in the XVI century in Rometta.

Some archaeological diggings have found traces of human takeovers that can be made to go back to various ages passages from the culture of Stentinello (4000 B.C.) until to Mamertini (288 - 264 B.C.).

Between the 963 and the 965, Rometta was attacked and destroyed by the Arabs. In the 976 it was reconstructed by the same Arabs and populated by the muslim families that founded the city - Arabic fortress of Ramth. During the Norman period, under whose dominion was a state - city, Rometta was interested by a strong immigration of Christian people coming from Calabria.

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The Mother Church

Starting from XVI century the city changed its name in Rometta. In 1816, as a result of the judicial reform of the Borboni's reign, Rometta became a Chief Town. Finally in the 1846 the Civic Hospital completed the list of the civic institutions of the town of Rometta.

Among the various monuments, of remarkable architectonic importance are the rests of the Palatium Federiciano, the Church of Jesus and Maria also known as the Candelora, built in the VII-X centuries, the Church of Saint Maria Assunta with a wooden chorus (1500) of remarkable artistic interest, the Mother Church with its beautiful renaissance portals, the Church of the Cappuccini founded by the Normans, where in the 1585 the Cappuccini Friars built the Convent where today dwells the Clarisse di Saint Chiara, the Church of the Immacolata Concezione entrusted to the Friars Conventuali of Saint Francesco, the Messina Gate and the Milazzo Gate also known as the Earth Gate or Arabian Gate.

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