The town of Savoca

Tourism in Savoca

The Mother Church

The Mother Church is dedicated to "S. Mary in the Sky" and anciently all the churches, both urban and rural, of the ancient territory of Savoca belonged to its jurisdiction.

It consists of three naves with capitals in romanesque style, while the Bell Tower and the Sacristy where added in successive ages.

The outside has been partially restored to the end of 1400's from the master Pietro Trimarchi, that stamped on the wall the coat of arms of its family.

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The Mother Church

Anciently in the basements of the church the bodies were mummified and still today we can see the rooms where this practice was carried on up to 1876.

The Convent of Capuchins

Among the monuments in Savoca, of remarkable interest is the Convent of the Capuchins built in 1603. It was previosly erected, in 1574, in a different place, named Santa Domenica.

In the interior can be admired several mural paintings covering the walls of the refectory, to the outside a fresco can be admired representing "Saint Francisco while receiving the consacred stigmata".

The paints have been transferred, by decision of the Order, in the sanctuary of Gibilmanna (PA) where they are actually exposed.

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The Convent of Capuchins

In the basement there is a crypt with the mummified bodies, of thirty-two notables and friars of the same convent, died between the XVII and XVIII centuries.

Some of the mummified bodies are exposed in some niches, others in some wooden sarcophaguses.

From the church courtyard is possible to enjoy a splendid view of the town.

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