The town of Terme Vigliatore

Tourism in Terme Vigliatore

The Roman Villa of San Biagio (St. Blaise)

Terme Vigilatore, village seat of bathing and thermal establishments, houses in the hamlet of San Biagio the ruins of a Roman villa and the rooms of thermae which belonged to it.

The villa raises as enlargement of the previous building dating to the I century B.C., like it evicts from some flooring of the period covered by a mixture of fat lime and small pieces used by the ancient Romans to grant an absolute impermeability.

The building with a square plan included an inside curtyard surrounded by a portico which developed into a series of eight columns on each side.

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The Roman Villa

Between the hall and the curtyard opens the Tablinium, that is the main room of Roman houses which was used as reception-room and to keep familys documents.

The room, whose flooring was made of coloured and inlaid marbles united like a mosaic, shows on the walls remains of paintings.

The area of the villa dedicated to the thermae was divided into three rooms used as bath in cold water (Frigidarium), lukewarm water (Tepidarium) and hot water (Calidarium).

The rooms were warmed by hot air currents made circulate through a double flooring and along the walls.

Next to the ruins of the villa, into a small room, are shown to public fragments of sculptures, stuccoes and ceramics which furnish the rich house.

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