The town of Valdina

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About 30 km. far from Messina, on the slopes of Mounts Peloritani, into inland of the gulf of Patti, rises Valdina. The village was founded by Giovanni Rocca, it derives its name from the noblemen Valdina who since 1509 and for a long time were feudatories of the place.

The territory on which is the inhabited centre is immersed into typical colours of areas nearby Mounts Peloritani: intense green of woods vegetation, soft colours of citrus fruits and of vines sketched in the best cultivations, the luxusuriant hill on the background from which is shown Patti, the coast of the beautiful beaches and the sea which on the horizon joins its green-blu colour to the blu of the sky.

Feudal origin of the village has conditioned the town-planning which has been later and opportunely modified when the village saw its population increase and change the way of economic production.

Walking into the village it is possible to breathe the pureness of the air rich of oxygen and to meet the hospitable citizens and look on their faces serenity and joy of people who live in a natural and simple way.

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Il 9 luglio di ogni anno i valdinesi si danno appuntamento per le strade in occasione della caratteristica festa di San Pancrazio che celebra il Santo protettore.

Every year on 9 July Valdinesi (people of this place) meet into streets in occasion of the characteristic feast of St. Pancras which celebrates the patron saint.

The place in which people of the place identify themselves into the Cathedral Church, founded in 1700 and later restored.
The temple shows the XVIII-th century style only in some parts of the front and in an elegant holy water vessel set into the left aisle. Inside it keeps an artistical altar, some precious decorations and some sculptures of best workmanship.

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