The town of Alia

Tourism in Alia

The Anthropological Museum

The anthropological museum is placed at th entry of the town and represents one of the most interesting place of Alia.

Inside it are kept finds of an anthropological discovery which dates back to 1996 and had a world echo: finding of remains of 400 victims of cholera's epidemic in 1837.

International group of scholars, who attended to works, thought this event was very important so that they arranged anthropological studies about Mediterranean people and founded the museum where finds are now kept.

Photo © Edizioni Leopardi 

Detail of Alia

Museum is made up of an only place where all glass show-cases, with the most important finds, are disposed.

Besides also various tools used in the searching and it is possible to take actively part to it thanks to look over some techniques and laboratory results which are made public.

About this find further genetic, molecular and biodemographic studies have been started by correlating historical aspect with genetic-demographic one.

Photo © Municipality of Alia 

The Gurfa Grottoes

The Gurfa Grottoes

Four kilometres far from the city, on the ancient property of the Magione, the Gurfa Grottoes constitute an imposing example of stone architecture made in a red sandstone stone wall.

The origin still constitutes a mystery. A recent examination of the materials inside of the cove has estimated their origin around 4-5 millenium B.C.

In a recent study it has been supported, due to the presence on the external wall of the Tholos of two Phoenician phrases, that the first floor excavation were made by the same Phoenician.

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