The town of Altavilla Milicia

Tourism in Altavilla Milicia

The Church of San Michele

Altavilla Milicia rose in the first half of 600, after 1621. In fact in this year Francesca Maria Beccadelli got the royal privilege of founding the small town.

In south-east of the small town, on a hill that overlooks lands crossed by waters of a short river, there are imposing remains of the Church of St. Michele, also called Santa Maria of Campogrosso.

It is probable that the temple was part of a monastery, abandoned and destroyed in the XVI century and was inhabited by canonical followers of the rule of Basilio the Great (329-379), Bishop of Cesarea and organizer of Greek monasticism and later he became saint.

Photo © Edizioni Leopardi 

The Church of San Michele

The church, built with big square blocks, was characterized by a beautiful portal enriched by concentric and modelled archs, by great vaults roof, by strenght of wall structure, by minimum quantity of openings, with resulting poor brightness inside and by buttresses which reinforce and equilibrate side pushes and which make more articulate the solid mass of building.

Inside, there is an only nave and it housed in its end a deep area reserved to clergy and the high altar.

Of the evocative church, a model of renewed Romanesque architecture, now remain part of perimeter walls supported by buttresses and a little underground chapel.

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