The town of Bagheria

Local products from Bagheria

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Local products and handicraft

Alpi Sicilmar
Il Pescatore

Alpi Annibale e C. s.r.l.
Via Francesco Tempra n. 157
90010 Aspra-Bagheria (PA)
Tel. ++39 091-955357
Fax ++39 091-955997

The kind of goods are: anchovy fillets in soya-bean oil or in olive oil, salted anchovies.

The annual production is: 180.000 kg.

Further information on the business: leader in the sector of fish preservation with a three generations' experience. It has always able to combine traditional methods and modern technologies. The company is member of the Triqueta bioligical products cooperative, controlled and certified by Bioagricoop.


Local products and handicraft

Conserve Ittiche Siciliane

Conserve Ittiche Siciliane
Via Pisa n. 1
90010 Aspra-Bagheria (PA)
Tel. ++39 091-955376

The kind of goods are: canned fish in oil.

The annual production is: 226.420 kg in 1998.

The technological process is: artisan manufacture of Mediterranean fresh fish.

Further information on the business: it has a two generations' experience in this sector.


Local products and handicraft

Flott Vecchio Molo L'Approdo Kaletta

Sud Pesca s.p.a.
Via Olivuzza n. 5
90010 Aspra-Bagheria (PA)
Tel. ++39 091-955669
Fax ++39 091-955849

The kind of goods are: anchovy fillets, clams, tuna fish, anchovy paste.

The annual production is: 1.000.000 units.

The technological process is: artisan manufacture.

Further information on the business: it has been set up twenty years ago. It is organized to supply hypermarkets, supermarkets and department stores and it exports its products all over the world.

The Company

The Reti e Sistemi S.r.l. founded in 2000 by a group of professionals with decades of experience in Information Technology to be able to meet the most diverse computing needs of its valued customers.


  • Phone: +39 0923 / 547983 - +39 0923 / 548695
  • Fax: +39 0923 / 038230
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Corso Piersanti Mattarella n. 12 91100 Trapani (Tp) Italia