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The Palagonìa Villa

It has been sung by poets like Giovanni Meli and narrated by writers like Goethe, Bagheria is famous for its magnificent noble villas of Sicilian Ĺ700 such as Butera, Trabìa, Valguarnera, Villarosa villas and above all Palagonìa villa built in 1715 by Tommaso Maria Napoli to Ferdinando Francesco Gravina, prince of Palagonìa.

It is also known by the name of Villa dei Mostri (the monsters villa) because of so many grotesque sculptures, thought out inspired fantasy of prince, at completion of boundery wall which precedes the main front.

The Palagonìa Villa

They are mythological characters, ladies, knights, musicians, soldiers, dragons, deformed beasts and threatening expression which create a very suggestive atmosphere.

The disposition of statues is very original. In fact contrary to customary of the period, all of them were turned toward the inside of villa and not toward the outside, a way this to take away evil spirits. Prince Ferdinando perhaps liked enjoying himself in making fear his guests.

Eccentricity is also repeated in halls of representation of Palace. Got over a beautiful oval hall used as entrance it enters to Hall of Mirrors, whose ceiling, entirely covered with mirrors disposed with different inclinations, gave to whoever entered the impression to become smaller at every moment. Now thie effect it is not more visible. The upper part is decorated with a trompe-d'oeil that represents a balustrade and animals and birds appear from it. Illusionistic effect is also re-proposed in the rest of decorations of hall.

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