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Bolognetta: Storia, Paesaggio, Tradizioni Bolognetta: Storia, Paesaggio, Tradizioni

Text and Direction Giovanni Montanti
Voice over Giancarlo Cara
Shooting and Assembling Peppe Aiello
Post-production Blue Service
VHS/PAL: Euro 20,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)
VHS/NTSC: USD 35,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)

Il Sole Editrice

The history of Santa Maria dell'Ogliastro began four hundred years ago like a small nucleus of houses born around wharehouse. It was then called simply Ogliastro up to the end of XIX the century when it acquired the actual name of Bolognetta.

Pleasant country having a mild climate and famous holiday place, Bolognetta preserves its long history. The Mother Church, the palaces, the ancient houses, the bloomed corners, the modern monuments that make everlasting meaningful memories, the rural farms, the landscapes, are side-scenes of a stage where daily people of the place still defend and disseminate the values around which has developed their country.

The view of the peasant world as picked in its more intimate aspects in the House Museum, the allegoric parade of wagons during Carnival, the feast in honor of the Patron, all of the above confirms in various places and moments the strong tie that joins past and present, faith and traditions, territory and culture in Bolognetta.

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