The town of Bolognetta

Tourism in Bolognetta

The Cathedral Church

Bolognetta, lies down the light slope of Cozzo Guardiola among luxuriant hills, it was very important when it was founded since it is placed on Palermo-Noto way and it housed many travellers keeping their precious goods.

The Cathedral Church was built at the same time of the village.

The Temple dates back to the early XVII century and in 1785 it was restored and enlarged thanks to Marco Mancino VII.

The church raises at the end of steps and looks on to a small triangular-shaped square. Right part of the sanctuary's entry bears an ancient inscription.

Photo © Edizioni Leopardi 

The Cathedral Church

The inside keeps splendid statues of San Giuseppe and of Madonna del Carmine, works made by the old school of Bagnasco.

The sculpture which represents Sant'Antonio from Padova is a very good work. A statue of Crucifix stirs up intense emotions and holds, with the valuable Madonna del Lume, a considerable artistical value.

Walls and altars are furnished with refined canvas among which Madonna del Carmine, Sant'Anna and San Giuseppe stand out for their pictorial taste. They are probably made by Alberto Duro.

Very interesting are also a stone Baptisimal font and a little statue of the XIX century representing San Giovanni Battista.

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