The town of Caccamo

Local products from Caccamo

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Cheese products and salsiccia (sausage)  

The town of Caccamo founds mainly your economy on agriculture and breeding.  

Almonds, cereals, olives and grapes are prodiced. Cattle, sheep and swine breedings allow the production of genuine meats.  

The cheese products, from the ricotta cheese to all the different cheeses, are still made with traditional technique so to preserve unchanged both the ancient traditions and the high quality of the final products.

Photo ©© Municipality of Caccamo Cheese products and salsiccia

The most important meat product is the salsiccia (sausage). Yearly, on August, the salsiccia (sausage) festival is an important festival with free tasting of salsiccia in the butcher's shop of the town.

Also noticeable is the production of artichokes in the small town district of San Giovanni Li Greci, near the town of Caccamo.

The artichokes of San Giovanni Li Greci are excellent vegetable product that distinguishes for taste and high content of mineral salt and vitamins.

Also important in the economy of Caccamo is the handicraft, the wood-work, the wrought iron-work as well as the production of local needle-works.

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