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Anelletti baked


Anelletti gr. 800, tomato extract gr. 250 gr meat dimaiale. 200, veal gr. 200 gr lard. 100, red wine glass, gr grated cheese. 100, primosale gr. 250, 1 onion, oil, salt and pepper.

Anelletti baked


SautÚ well in the two suet chunks of veal and pork, put them aside and remained in the fat fry the grated onion and finely sliced.

Just golden, add the extract and dissolve in the usual way with a few sips of water.

Pour the wine, elongated tablets with a liter of water and put the meat in the pan, and cook the whole thing on a slow fire for about an hour.

At this point, take out the meat from the sauce, trituratela in cutting board and put it back in the sauce. Boil anelletti, drain it al dente and pour into the bowl where they season it with the sauce and grated cheese.

Put them in a buttered baking dish and sprinkle with bread crumbs, alternating layers anelletti with slices of primosale and the remaining sauce.

Cover the last layer with primosale and the sauce, a bit of bread crumbs and bake for about half an hour warm.

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