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The Cathedral Church

It is built in the XVIII century and in the time it has been object of different works of repair which have alterated its original look.

In 1741 and in 1743 it was even created a new apse and an only main entry.

The outside is very imposing and unadorned. It is realized in baroque style and allows admission to church through two great flight of steps with an elegant banister which lead to the main portal on whose sides there are two similar main gates but smaller as reguards size.

Photo © Edizioni Leopardi 

The Cathedral Church

The inside gets an octagonal plan on which raise two octagonal columns which outline the place of nave and of aisles, where are kept all of original furnitures.

Among these, worth of particular attention are the valuable paintings towards the vault, created by Giuseppe Tresca (1753) and representing the Trionfo della vergine (Virgin's triumph), the Incoronazione (Coronation) and the Gloria degli Angeli e dei Santi (Glory of Angels and of Saints).

Worth of particular attention are also statues of best workmanship, representing San Giuseppe made by Salvatore Bagnasco (XVIII-XIX centuries), Sant'Erasmo made by school of Gagini and Immacolata (Immaculate) dating back to the XIX century.

Very interesting are also XIXth-century paintings of Madonna del Rosario (Our Lady of Rosary) and of Martirio di Sant'Erasmo (Martyrdom of St. Erasmus), as well as the Crucifix situated towards high altar.

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