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Pasta with sardines


Macaroni gr. 600, fresh sardines in linguata gr. 800, fennel small mountain 8 decks, 4 salted anchovies, onion, toasted breadcrumbs gr. Approximately 100, 2 packets saffron, raisins and pine nuts gr. 50, toasted almonds gr. 100, oil, salt, pepper.

Pasta with sardines


Cook the fennel, cleaned well, in salted water. Drain and set aside the water to cook the dough.

Fry in a pan, a large onion finely chopped, with a lot of oil and barely golden, add the raisins and pine nuts, toasted almonds, anchovies already withdrawn smoke pot with a little oil, saffron dissolved in a tablespoon of water lukewarm.

Remove from the heat in the pan and fry lightly sardines linguata (ie without boned neither head nor tail, and opened like a book), leaving aside 4 or 5.

Into the oil sardines cook for the fennel and then add shredded raw sardines kept aside, sminuzzandole with a wooden spoon.

Boil the pasta in the water of fennel, drain it al dente and toss with the sauce of onion and fennel with sardines part of.

Place it in a greased pan and sprinkle with bread crumbs, alternating a layer of pasta with one of fennel and one of fried sardines. Finish off with sardines.

Cover with toasted breadcrumbs and pass a hot oven for about ten minutes. The pasta with sardines is also good cold.

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