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Manna of Madonie The "Manna" of Madonie

The "manna" is produced exclusively in Sicily, in the zones of Pollina, Castelbuono and its neighbourhood. It is a natural sweetener with a low contents of glucose and fructose with depurative and slightly laxative properties.

The "manna" is obtained practicing little cut on the logs of the ash trees with a particular knife.

A blue and resinous substance comes out from these cuts that, exposed to the summery torrid sun, solidifies and makes long white stalactites of manna.

The collection should come weekly, but, since the "manna" fears humidity and is melted and dispersed by the rain, it is often collected before summer thunderstorms.

For the collection too they use particular tools like "rasulala", an instrument used to abrade the "manna" that remains in the furrows of the bark and a big leaf of Indian fig that collects the strained part in the earth.

Manna of Madonie

The manna colleced is not all of high quality: just the one that slips to stalactite and does not enter in contact with the bark is pure manna.

The "manna" has got a beneficial action in the respiratory apparatus, as a matter of fact it acts as fluidifying, emollient and sedative of the cough, moreover it is used as a sweetener in the feeding .

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