The town of Cefalù

Tourism in Cefalù

The Cathedral

The Cathedral of Cefalù was built between 1131 and 1240 because of a vow made by Norman king Roger II while he was to going to be shipwrecked on his way back from Naples.

Gilded stone of this marvellous Romanesque jewel is blended with calcarous stone of the mountain called Rocca.

The main front has a first sequence of blind small arches and a second sequence of interlaced small arches which are dominated by a false loggia made with round arches.

A magnificent portal is precedded by a portico with three archades.

Photo © Edizioni Leopardi 

The Cathedral

The inside, at Latin cross, is formed by three naves divided by 16 columns with capitals in Sicilian-Norman style.

Apse is decorated with very beautiful mosaics in different and brilliant tones on gilt ground.

It can do without admiring the great image of Cristo Pantocrate which dominates the upper part of apse's zone.

Below it there is the Vergine tra quattro arcangeli e dodici apostoli (Virgin among four archangels and twelve apostles) in delicate tones in Byzantine style.

On side walls of choir there are other beautiful mosaics of the end of 200 which represent prophets, saits and patriarchs.

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