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Corleone: Arte e Paesaggio Corleone: Arte e Paesaggio

Text and direction Giovanni Montanti
Voice over Giancarlo Cara
Shooting Enzo Lucchese
Post-production Lucchese Video
Duration min. 40

Il Sole Editrice

Carefullied lay down in a conca encircled from cliffs that constitute an original geologic unicum and that the time has modeled in shape of fortifications and towers, Corleone never ends to astonish with its charming landscape dominated from the "Twin Rocks ". The natural scene, made even more evocative by deep gorges and resting falls, counteracts with the city where the bundled houses, the warp of court-yards, alleys and narrow lanes lapping noble churches, convents, palaces and humble houses, and the civic museum center propeller of the local culture, tell the ultramillenarian history of this pleasant country.

Religious life affected the history of Corleone, " city of the one hundred churches ", much more than the civil events.

The statues, the paintings, the precious architectures, traditional " cursa ri Santu Luca (San Luca race) ", are the symbol of the thin wire that always tied here love for art, feeling, faith and legend.

Maze of stones, faces, emotions, Corleone today watches to its splendid one and glorious past in order to construct its future.  


The Good Friday in Corleone The Good Friday in Corleone

Text and Direction Giovanni Montanti
Voice over Giancarlo Cara
Camera work, editing and post-production Gianni Basciano
Duration min. 46

Available in Italian language.

The video has been sponsored by Comitato “Venerd́ Santo a Corleone”

Il Sole Editrice  

Each year, down through the centuries, the people of Corleone find themselves united in silent devotion, celebrating the Mystery of the Passion and Death of Christ in churches and on streets that protect and preserve the history of a community reflecting on its glorious and splendid past in order to conserve its memory and build on it its own redemption.

This documentary relates through vivid imagery the complex manifestation in ritual liturgy of the rites of Holy Thursday and Good Friday and its spontaneous expression by the population of its genuine piety and religiosity.

This is a testimony, which we entrust to the youth of Corleone on whom falls the task of safeguarding and transmitting to posterity, wherever and whomever, this splendor and to be worthy of so much genius which has preceded them in this pleasant locale.

Because the history of Corleone and the signs of the strong bonds uniting the people of Corleone to its faith merit being evoked and known not only by its sons and daughters both near and far, but by everyone.  


The Passion of the Christ: Via Crucis wandering through the streets of Corleone

The Passion of the Christ: Via Crucis wandering through the streets of Corleone

Direction Giovanni Montanti
Voice over, Shooting, Post-production: Gianni Basciano
Duration min. 30
VHS/NTSC: USD 30,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)
DVD: USD 50,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)

The video has been sponsored by Comitato "Venerdì Santo a Corleone"

Il Sole Editrice

On 4 April 2009 the streets and squares of Corleone have turned into one big open-air theater where hundreds of people in costumes of the time they put the scene in "The Passion of Christ." Dialogues, songs, music, lights and scenery, for about three hours were involved and thousands of faithful viewers who, from the Villa Comunale Piazza Asylum (where he went to the Crucifixion scene), have excited the faithful representation of the events that have the last moments of Christ's life. Of the "Passion of the Christ", an integral part of the rites of Holy Week Corleonese, this documentary captures the most significant moments, summarizing the sense and the `showing exemplary ability of actors to transform an act of faith in a captivating performance that the stage perfect combination of art and devotion has turned in an impressive show popular.

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