The town of Gangi

Tourism in Gangi

The Cathedral Church

Gangi has kept the original medieval town-planning characterized by picturesque blind alleys and winding streets and along their sides there are simple stone houses.

They are still visible narrow and well-finished flights of steps which symbolize the link between old small town (Gangivecchio) and the present inhabited nucleus.

In piazza del Popolo raise a sumptuos Cathedral Church built in the XVII century. On its side there is the majestic Ventimiglia Tower with a quadrangular plan.

The Church was built enlarging the near oratory of San Sebastiano and in its lower part there are basements once used as cells which have imposing main walls to resist to sinkings of land.

Photo © Edizioni Leopardi 

The Cathedral Church

Its inside there are several works of art among which a big canvas catches our eyes. It is placed in the left side of presbytery and represents the image of Giudizio Universale (The Last Judgement).

It was worked in 1629 by local painter Giuseppe Salerno (1570-1632) and imitates the famous Giudizio Universale made by Michelangelo and which is disposed in the Cappella Sistina in Rome. On altar of chapel dedicated to Sant'Antonio there is a splendid painting (also made by Giuseppe Salerno) which represents Madonna delle Grazie (Our Lady of Graces).

Left the church and going through the arcade which leads to Tower there is a balcony from which it is possible to look at the fascinating sight over roofs of the houses of lower part of the little town and over surrounding verdant countries.

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