The town of Giardinello

Tourism in Giardinello

The Cathedral Church

Giardinello derives from Latin Jardinellus (small garden). It is placed among productive lands in which are cultivated citrus fruit and it is dated back to no more than five centuries even if some Greek and Roman archaeological finds in near places collocate it in a more ancient period.

The feud of Giardinello, thanks to concession of lands in perpetual lease, was object of different properties: from Alfonso d'Aragona, archbishop of Monreale to Vincenzo Platamone and later, after some other dominations, to Francesco Bargellini who in 1600 built the first small church dedicated to Sant'Anna.

Towards the end of the XVIII century the temple was enlarged and restored and dedicated to San Giuseppe. Now it is the Cathedral Church and is dedicated to Gesù, Maria and Giuseppe (The Holy Family).

Photo © Edizioni Leopardi 

The Cathedral Church

Inside the Sanctuary, very simple structured, is divided into three naves closed in correspondence of the main nave by a hollow covered by a semidome.

Of nine altars which adorned the church, after 1965 only niches and four altars have remained.

The high altar, dedicated to Santissimo Crocifisso, has two refined works: the Natività di Gesù (The Nativity) and the Visita di Santa Elisabetta made by the artist Salvatore Carta.

The other three altars are of best wormanship and they are dedicated to Immacolata, San Giuseppe and to Sacro Cuore respectively . The last is made still more precious by a little niche in Baroque style and contains sacred images and objects.

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