The town of Isola delle Femmine

Tourism in Isola delle Femmine

The Natural Reserve

Isola delle Femmine (isle of women) is at about 300 meters from Palermo coast, between villages of Sferracavallo and Carini.

In spring and in summer it is full of singular plants both in shape and in colour and it is populated by animals which are occupied in reproductive period.

Considered its small dimensions, on the isle there are slender traces of human presence in old ages.

Photo © Edizioni Leopardi 

Isola delle Femmine: The Natural Reserve

The coast, for its structure, is a uninhabitable place for many species of vegetables. This is due above all to high concentration of salts and to inconsistency and high permeability of land. Notwithstanding this there are about 145 species of vegetables.

The coast has mostly species of plants such as sea Fennel, striped Limonius, Salicornia, sea Sueda, Frank Grass, Wild Chicory and dyer's broom of cliff.

In spring, flora is riched of further examples: lily of poor men, common Zafferanetto and thorny borage.

It is possible to admire different examples of royal sea-mews which populate the northern cliff and also varied example of crested lark, the only species which reproduce into reserve.

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