The town of Lercara Friddi

Tourism in Lercara Friddi

The Archeological area of Colle Madore

In the eastern part of Lercara Friddi and in the western part of nissen chalky-sulphureous basin a small height bared of vegetation and with a tortuos shape rises: Colle Madore.

Recent excavations have brought to linght in this seat pale bronze leaves decorated with human faces and an aedicule sculptured in bas-rilief and representing a male figure.

Area has shown some remains of a circular hut belongig to a first indigenous phase in the VIII century B.C. and some different structures belonging to a second phase, which can be dated to VI century B.C., which from its techniques of building of rooms show to be deeply hellenized. Analysis of the seat also shows a destruction of built-up area between the VI and V centuries B.C..

Photo © Municipality of Leccara Friddi
The Archeological area of Colle Madore

Explorations of the hill have allowed to put in evidence some aspects of life of place. In pre-historic ages there was a clear influence of Thapsos civilization, which is testified by some pottery pieces; in archaic period a flourishing indigenous centre was developed because of its favourable geographic position and of richness of mine and natural resources of territory own; in the VI century B.C. authority of Agrigento gave a strong GreeK connotation to the place; in the end the V century B.C. sends us again to Himera culture, the old Greek colony of Northern Sicily and some pieces of clay pottery come from there and their curved handle are decorated with mithological figures.

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