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Stuffed artichokes


Artichokes 12 gr breadcrumbs. 200, cheese or grated cheese gr. 50, salami gr. 100 gr fresh cheese. 100, 2 eggs, half an onion, extract (or sauce) gr. 200.

Stuffed artichokes


Toast the breadcrumbs in a pan and season with grated cheese, salami and cheese into small pieces, oil, salt and pepper.

Clean the artichokes by removing them the tough outer leaves and cutting the top with thorns.

Sbatteteli on the marble table with upside down and try to broaden the leaves in the middle so you can fill the artichokes with the mixture already prepared.

Pressed with a finger to bring it into the crumb best among the leaves. Meanwhile Beat eggs in a dish and with a spoons pour a bit of each artichoke along with a pinch of breadcrumbs not toasted, which absorbed the egg, will form a real closing cap to retain the filling.

Now take each artichoke gently and place it upside down, with the cap down, fry them in hot oil, so that the egg will coagulate further, making a nice golden crust.

After this operation, place the artichokes upright in pan and pour over the sauce, which you have prepared fry the onion in the oil, adding the extract or the sauce, and stretching with water.

The cooking of the sauce will be completed along with artichokes, over low heat for about an hour. Do not add salt, as the extract is already salty.

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