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Le Plums bianche di Monreale The White Plum of Monreale

The plums, along with mandarins and oranges are among thye most famous crops of the Conca d'Oro.

The White Plum of Monreale is one of the strains belonging to the family of Rosaceae, the species Prunus domestica.

The term White Plum of Monreale refers to three varieties:

- "Sanacore" - skin color of white-yellowish whose maturation occurs from late June to early August.

- "Sanacore late" - fruits very similar to those of "Sanacore" but slightly larger and with longer vesting time. The time of harvesting, in fact, begins in early August and ends in early September.

The White Plum of Monreale

- "Ariddo choirs" - size small, with yellowish-white skin and with time of maturation that begins in the first decade of August. Very sweet and fragrant.

Harvesting is done by hand and is a particularly delicate phase because it must be operated so to do not remove or damage the layer of bloom on the fruit matured.

Plants of White Plum Monreale were always present in the traditional kitchen gardens of the Conca d'Oro, as well as in the countryside of Palermo.

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