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The town of Santa Cristina Gela

Tourism in Santa Cristina Gela

Through town streets

Santa Cristina Gela rises on mount Learolo, 25 kilometres far from Palermo, and is the smallest of Albanian colonies in Sicily.

It was founded in 1746 in the feud of Santa Cristina which belonged to Naselli family, dukes of Gela, and was given to 82 colonists from Piana degli Albanesi.

The symbol of the small town is the Cathedral Church Major, dedicated to patron saint and in her honour a beautiful festival is kept on 24 July.

The temple was built in the XVIII century and replaced the offices of the small rural church which raised on feud's territory.

Copyright © Edizioni Leopardi The Cathedral Church Major

The building was renovated and restored in 1800 and inside it keeps some precious sacred furnishings given to the church by dukes of Gela.

With a valuable workmanship is a wood sculpture which dominates the whole scene and representing "San Giuseppe and the Bambino" (Christ-Child). The work dates back to the XIX century when it was sculptured by Bagnasco, an artist of Palermo.

Interesting are also villa Musacchia, the Palermo house, in elegant liberty style which shows decorations inspired with semplified floral motifs, and the Vannucci Ramione house-fortress, which raises in the village of Pianetto.

Santa Cristina Gela show besides artistical and historical beauties of its inhabited centre, a splendid view over surrounding landscape, framed by the mount which dominates the beautiful lake with clear waters and with fertile lands on which are outlined cultivated fields and rich pastures.