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A street of Trappeto
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Trappeto (Zip Code 90040) is 169 km. distant from Agrigento, 181 km. from Caltanissetta, 288 km. from Catania, 200 km. from Enna, 298 km. from Messina, 39 km. from Palermo, which province it belongs to, 305 km. from Ragusa, 346 km. from Siracusa, 60 km. from Trapani.

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The municipality has 2.913 inhabitants and an area of 413 hectares for a density of population of 705 inhabitants per square kilometre. It rises on flat area and is 15 metres above sea-level.

The Town Hall is placed in piazza Municipio n. 1, phone ++39 091-8788341 fax. ++39 091-8788878.

Among various agricultural cultivations there are citrus fruit, vegetables, grapes, olives and peaches. Notable is fish production thanks to big variety of fresh fish which is possible to taste in the Feast of Fish in August.

Trappeto derives from Latin Trapetum that means oil-mill and Cannamellarum that means sugar-cane.

The little town in fact has risen on the territory where just since the XV century had taken place the growing and cultivation of sugar-cane.

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Detail of Trappeto

It was founded by the lord Francesco Bologna. Then the lord Pietro Miceli had risen it as his feud and had made easy the peopling.

The small town has remained for a long time under jurisdiction of near Balestrate until 1954 when it became autonomous.

In the town there are various murales (wall painting works) made by important Sicilian painters and they date back to 1985 and are a particular shape of innovative art.

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