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A panoramic view of Vicari
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Vicari (Zip Code 90020) is 87 km. distance from Agrigento, 90 km. from Caltanissetta, 197 km. from Catania, 109 km. from Enna, 262 km. from Messina, 52 km. from Palermo, the province it is located in, 231 km. from Ragusa, 281 km. from Siracusa, 151 km. from Trapani.

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The municipality has 3,298 inhabitants in an area of 3.574 hectares, for a population density of 92 inhabitants per square kilometer. Vicari is located on a hilly area about 700 metres above sea level.

The Town Hall (City Hall) is located in the main plaza, or piazza Municipio. The telephone number is ++39 091-8216020. The fax number is ++39 091-8216090.

Vicari in located in a small agricultural center, its main crops being corn, almonds, grapes and olives. In February and March the citizens celebrate the Feast of the blooming Almond tree. Relative to handicrafts, a number of local citizens are well-known for their skills in wood working.

The comune's name, Vicari, is very likely derived from the Latin Vicoi, which means "village".

The first people to settle in this area were of Arabic origin, who began building homes between the VII and IX centuries.

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Castle Chiaramonte

Evidence of their settling in the comune is evidenced by the "cuba" (an aedicule with Arabic cupola) which is found at the entry to the little town.

The territory was inhabited by groups of Lombardi until the XIV century when it became under the domain of the Chiramonte family, who built a fortified castle atop the highest point in Vicari.

Later the little village was under the control of the Valguarnera family, until the XV century, when its control once again changed hands, this time it belonged to the Francesco del Bosco family.

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Detail of Vicari

Other beautiful monuments to the past include the Cathedral Church of the Norman period, St. Rosalia, that still has a canvas representing an image of St. Rosalia.

The beautiful Chiesa di S. Marco (Church of St. Mark) was built in 1600 and the Chiesa di S. Francesco (Church of St. Francis) was built in 1700.

The ruins of the Castle Chiaramonte are still visible, and are undergoing restoration.

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