The province of Ragusa

Chiaramonte Gulfi


A panoramic view of Chiaramonte Gulfi
Photo © Luigi Nifosì

Chiaramonte Gulfi (Zip Code 97012) is 139 Km. distant from Agrigento, 133 Km. from Caltanissetta, 95 Km. from Catania, 114 Km. from Enna, 191 Km. from Messina, 275 Km. from Palermo, 21 Km. from Ragusa, that is the province it belongs to, 76 Km. from Siracusa, 312 Km. from Trapani.

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The Cathedral

The municipality has 8.393 inhabitants, its surface measures 12.663 hectares and its population density counts 66 inhabitants per square kilometre. It rises on a mountainous spot, 665 metres above the sea-level.

The Town Hall is located in corso Umberto I, tel. ++39 0932-711111 fax. ++39 0932-928219.

It is an agricultural and craft centre, where also cattle breeding (sheep, cows and pigs) is practised. Amongst the main cultivations there are grapes, citrus fruits, olives, almonds, vegetables and cereals.

The typical handicrafts from Chiaramonte are handmade wooden and wrought iron items as well as embroideries.

The town of Chiaramonte Gulfi got its name by its founder's name, Manfredi I Chiaramonte, count of Modica, in the 14th century.

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The Church of San Vito

In 1881 the epithet Gulfi was added, from the people who inhabited it, surviving to the destruction of the nearby village, Gulfi, levelled by the Angevins.

In the 15th and 16th centuries the population increased and the village grew bigger and bigger.

Unfortunately, in the following century Chiaramonte declined slightly, due to the development of the nearby town Vittoria.

In 1693 the historical centre was destroyed by an earthquake and rebuilt in Baroque style.

Photo © Luigi Nifosì 

La Madonna di Chiaramonte Gulfi

Amongst the most important monuments we mention the 14th century castle, famous for its huge pointed entrance door, the Church of S. Filippo with its Chapel of Rosary made by Gagini school, the Church of the Redeemer whose statue was made by master Giacomo Mancino (16th century), the Mother Church (started in the 15th century and finished in the last years of the 18th century), the Arch of Our Lady of the Annunciation, one of the three gates of the village, being the only remain of the old town walls.

On the destruction of Gulfi there is an interesting story: in 1299 the Angevins entered into the church of Our Lady of the Annunciation and killed the believers during an Eucharistical celebration. But when it stroke midnight the believers' ghosts appeared and invited the soldiers to go into the church. Once there, they were swallowed by a mysterious chasm  on the floor.

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