The town of Ispica

Tourism in Ispica

The Mother Church

The nice town of Ispica is characterized by its lovely small buildings, wide and straight streets and beautiful churches.

Unique for the elegance of the shape is the Mother Church, dominating the higher part of the immense Piazza Regina Margherita.

The church, dedicated to S. Bartholomew and named like an older church destroyed by an earthquake in 1693, was built in 1750 by Don Antonio Li Favi.

Photo © Affinità Elettive 

The mother church

Its double staircase, making the structure slender, is stunning.

The facade is embellished by two columns, a framed window and the town symbol, the coat of arms of the Statellas.

The Statellas, a noble family of French origin, owned Spaccaforno, today's Ispica, up to the 19th century, when feudality was abolished.

The Mother Church is very simple but charming inside; a great contrast is given by the painting representing S. Bartholomew during his martyrdom, whose figures seem to be alive.

Photo © Arciconfraternita SS.Annunziata di Ispica 

Basilica of SS.Annunziata

The Basilica of SS. Annunziata

The Basilica of SS. Annunziata (1704) has an imposing prospect of remarkable effect.

The artistic importance of the basilica it emerges also from the presence of numerous panels in stucco and decorations in Rococò style representing the immenser and meaningful work of Giuseppe Gianforma from Palermo.

In the basilica can be found the sacred image of the SS. Christ with the cross (solemn feast of the Holy Friday).

It, with to the feast of the silver reliquaria urn (1739) in the last friday of Lent and so-called "cursa" in the Sunday of Passover makes the Holy Week of Ispica one of the most important events of the province.


Photo © Arciconfraternita SS.Annunziata di Ispica 


Among the numerous works of art within the basilica we recall here for its beauty the Adoration of the magi and the great table of the Annunciation, made in 1550.

This latter has been recovered after the earthquake of the 1693 along with other works from the old church of the SS.Annunziata of the ancient country, rising in Parco Forza.

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