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Il timballo di riso da zà Lina (Aunt Lina's rice flan)


A boiled chicken and its broth, rice gr. 800, ragu sauce made with tomato extract, beef, pork and "pittinicchi", boiled eggs 4, tuma cheese gr. 100, Ragusan provolone cheese gr. 100, not mature pecorino cheese gr. 100, fresh caciocavallo cheese gr. 100, breadcrumbs gr. 200, butter gr. 50, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Aunt Lina's rice flan


Boil chicken with herbs and put aside, keeping the broth. Prepare the ragu sauce using extract, a chunk of veal, a chunk of pork and "pittinicchi", that is the pork cut beneath sirloin and ribs. It will give an excellent taste to the sauce.

When chicken and ragu sauce are ready, boil rice in the chicken broth, making it absorb the broth. Place on a dish and let it cool down. Butter a well-edged tin, sprinkle breadcrumbs and fill with a first layer of rice, previously dressed with sauce.

Sprinkle grated cheese on top, put raveled beef, pork and "pittinicchi", eggs in slices, chopped chicken, fresh cheeses in slices, some butter and some ragu sauce.

Put other layer of rice alternating with the above mentioned ingredients. Top with rice, breadcrumbs and butter. Cook in hot oven for 45 minutes.

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