The town of Buscemi

Tourism in Buscemi

The Museum Town

Situated on top of a hill, Buscemi dominates the splendid valley of Anapo, rich of colors and old civilizations.

In 1988 the town was turned into a museum, and now it shows to tourists old dwellings and shops.

The tour starts from the smith's shop, "putia ro firraru", situated in an artificial cave: here there is an old smith with all his tools (forge, anvil, tools for modelling).

Photo © Luigi Nifosì 

A view of Buscemi

Moving on there is the "u parmientu", the place where grapes were trod: inside the house there is an exhibition which gives information on grapes and the work related to it, from the Greek period up to now.

Very close to the church of St. Anthony from Padua, there is the farmer's home, "ro massaru", which shows you the standard layout of these dwellings: four rooms (kitchen, entrance, bedroom and the room for weaving).

In the most charming area of Buscemi there is the farm labourer's home, "ro iurnataru", where up to six people lived in very few square metres.

Moving on you meet the carpenter's shop, "putia ro falignami", where you can see his old and traditional tools.

Photo © Luigi Nifosì 

A Church of Sant`Antonio

Going towards the lowest part of the village, you arrive at the oil mill, "u trappitu", where there is the millstone, a big stone wheel which scraping on another wheel smashed olives.

The walk along the extraordinary Buscemi ends at the shoemaker's shop, "putia ro scarparu", which also keeps the pottery repairer's tools, "r'appuntapiatti", and some pottery.

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